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Long-time LJ/DW friend [personal profile] jenny_evergreen/[personal profile] wrenstarling has started an oracle Patreon, and I would absolutely recommend giving it a look!

What makes this stand out from other divination Patreons is that she uses a deck of her own creation, featuring birds. I know birds are special to a few people I follow here, and I can tell you right now that this is an immaculately and thoroughly researched deck. (That's just the kind of person [personal profile] jenny_evergreen is.)

If you're unfamiliar with the Patreon model, the idea is that you can make a recurring monthly payment to, well, just about anyone: artists, writers, even some small businesses, in return for small (to large) goods or services. With [personal profile] jenny_evergreen, that means at least one monthly reading from an experienced reader using her own personal deck rich in meaning.

A quick snapshot of a spread in action:

Even though I'm comfortable with Tarot and often read for myself, sometimes you need someone outside of your own head to provide input and guidance; in the readings I've had from [personal profile] jenny_evergreen, she's been dead-on. She reads with intuition paired with healthy skepticism and rationalism, which is something I very much appreciate in occultism and the esoteric.

The minimum pledge ($1 / month) grants you access to the monthly single-card draws for the entire group; increasing pledges correspond to spreads of increasing personalization and complexity. Or you can be a rockstar just by sharing this Patreon with people you know who would be interested in it.

Thanks much!
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