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This is a good question, I feel: what should I attract into my life? Though, of course, "should" can be read in a dozen different ways. You should attract different things depending on your goals, right? The kind of energy and opportunities I can attract to make cash money are not necessarily the same as the ones you want to jumpstart creativity, or find love, or so on. What you need to be happy isn't always the same as what you need to be a better person (at least in the short run). But I'm going to stop overthinking this question and see it as: what should I attract into my life to help me become my best self?

Deck used: Victorian Romantic

I drew The World. A card that I just went off about two readings ago. There might be fruitful connections to be made between strengthening the bond with my loved one(s) and what I need to attract into my life: finish whatever unfinished business there is and move on, and that certainly is poetically and symbolically satisfying. I just don't know how much it applies.

No, I was thinking about The World outside of its earlier context within these Shadow Work posts. Here, it speaks to me of completion: I need to start manifesting completion and staying power in my life; tie up loose ends or pursue half-explored paths to their fullest so that I can decide if it's something I should keep in my life or not.

So on that note, back to revising my novel!
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